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Any group of individuals can be considered as civilized only if it is organized and has a common code of conduct. (Ethics) Implementing such a code in this organization is the job of the Department of Values. A forceful implementation of any rules is always short-lived and leads to unnecessary conflict within the group, especially so for pre-teens and adolescents. It is observed that a child is best-behaved when it is creatively engaged. Hence this department is the backbone of the Activity-Based Learning program (ABLe) which is implemented through the labs and other facilities as the sports ground and music room. For further details of the departments working lookup the policy.

This department is responsible for setting up of transparent information systems, comprehensive office and workflow systems and MIS tools. Also the hardware systems and other support systems such as audio-visual tools etc. are to be organized and the respective personnel trained for operation by this department. Publishing of various documents, especially magazines, newsletters and exam papers is to be monitored by this department for ensuring proper usage of machinery. Running a school with optimum resources and with consistent & dynamic changes in teaching & assessment methodology to suit the ever-changing world, needs a sophisticated set of tools - both digital & physical.  For a comprehensive understanding of teaching or assessment technologies, refer the respective web pages. The specific issues regarding planning of assessments such as formulae for setting deadlines, etc. are listed thereafter.

Quick Links

AdmissionsAdmissions Presentation, Simple Overview of Abhinav & Subject choices; An orientation to parents & students; Serious orientation to G3 students

Uniform specifications, Lab conduction logs, Updating student attendance & monitoring defaulters, Monitoring disciplinary action, Recording awards & achievements, Letters to parents / students regarding disciplinary action

Resource MgmtStaff Master for updating personal data on staff; Staff workload calculation; Teaching unit allocation & time-tables; Template for Internal Circulars; Log book to record damages / breakages & maintenance issues
Computer SystemsMachine details & maintenance logs; Startup / Shutdown procedures; Basic Operations - OS, email & internet, ...; Troubleshooting; Using Applications; Software Installables
LAN & WebsNetwork Definitions & Policies; Scripted utilities - Server Mgmt, Web Mgmt, Client Configuration, Office Work
DTPMulti-Copier guidelines& Logs; Color Laser guidelines; Paper usage policy; Clipart Organizer & graphic tools; Special fonts cache
Teaching TechUse of MML systems; Teacher resources on Acadweb; CD-based resources on the server; Software for training
Support TechEPABX Guidelines; Operating the Electronic-timer controlled bell; Using the Public Address System; Using the Invertors & Generator;


Formulae For Setting Exam Deadlines

 Exam Types Applicable ToFormulae for Setting Deadlines
HoD Finalize SchemaPPPPPP08-Jun
HoD Finalize PrototypesPPPPPP15-Jun
HoD Schedule AssessmentsPPPPPP20-Jun
HoD Inform TeachersPPPPPP20-Jun
ExCoHoDPlan for ConductionPP PPPstart - 15 days
TeacherExCoSet & Declare TopicsP    Pstart - 12 days
TeacherHoDDeclare Syllabus & Schedule P PP start - 10 days
TeacherExCoTeachers Set Papers PPPP start - 10 days
ExpertExCoExperts Review Papers P PP start - 5 days
AMgrExCoArrange for Conduction P PP start - 4 days
PMgrExCoPrint Papers / Material PPPP start - 2 days
Teacher Review of student's prepP PP POnce in 3 weeks of exam span
TeacherExCoBegin ConductionPPPPPPStart
Teacher End ConductionP P  PEnd (if another day than Start)
Teacher Student's Present WorkP P  Pend
ExCo Allocate Evaluation P PPPend + 1 days
Teacher Discuss with Students P    end + 2 days
TeacherExCoEvaluate Student's Work PPPP end + 7 days
TeacherExCoEnter Scores to DBPPPPPPend + 15 days
HoD Prepare ResultsPPPPPP15 days after term end
HoD Publish ResultsPPPPPP20 days after term end



  • Maintaining the following records

    • All assessment charts [term-wise] of all the classes.

    • Settings of assessment papers.

    • Data of each score sheet of each class.

    • Result records with the analysis.

    • Progress monitoring charts of all the classes.

    • Board result with the analysis.

    • Report card of individual student.

    • Enlisting the awards winners. (take from DoGE / DoV)

    • Separate list of facilities with result for follow up action

    • Conduct of competitive exams.

    • Policies of promotions and detentions.

    • Rules for condoning absentees.

    • Rules for assessing eligibility of Board Candidature.

    • Examination procedure [assessment charts with philosophy].

    • Procedure for declaration of results- Board & Internal too.

    • Procedure of conducting exam. [internal & external].

    • Procedure for readmission of board exam.

    • Procedure for selection of best students.

    • Manual Records

    • Final results with the report and analysis.

  • Filing up forms/applications for Board Exam.

  • Conduct of centre-ship of Board exam.

  • Checking of Board papers.

  • Recording in candidate register of Board Result with analysis.

  • Preparing the annual schedule of the assessments based on the schema

  • Preparing the detailed conduction plans for each major (written, AIO, AIS) exam as also the detailed group-wise topic allocation charts for AG’s and Projects (to be gotten from the DoV)

  • Organizing the material required for the conduction of the various exams – stationery, lab (DoV) and office material only. Academic material such as reference books and internet, etc should not be bothered with.

  • Allocating the assessments – preparation, planning, etc. – to the respective teachers and giving schedules for submission

  • Getting the submissions of the assessment plans and the papers, etc. after being approved by the DoGE / DoV and forwarding them for cyclostyling / printing / photocopying.

  • Recording the status of all such processes accurately

  • Conducting the major exams with the assistance of other staff, ensuring that the rules and regulations are adhered to. Collecting the answer sheets for later distribution.

  • Allocating the papers to the staff for checking (for major exams) and collecting the score-sheets from them with a definite and pre-defined schedule. The veracity of the data on such sheets is to be critically observed.

  • Allocating the sheets to various staff for data entry and ensuring the accuracy of the same through a counter check. (Schedules should be followed for the same) This should be done throughout the year to avoid heavy loads at the end of the term.

  • Processing the result with the given guidelines on the computer and recording the average result

  • Printing the report cards and verifying the accuracy of the same.

  • Declaring the result after due analysis and processing of the report-cards

  • Collecting requests for verification / change of marks, etc. and processing the same

  • Arranging for re-exams if required.

  • Maintaining the following records (Click to expand)

    • Development of MIS .

    • Development of interface with converting database information into SQL.

    • Sorting out networking and hardware problems on and often & checking the machines for putting on automation and having control the mishandling  of the staff. [ network management and hardware maintenance].

  • Web content :- (Click to expand)

    • Introducing Institution .

    • What does Abhinav stands for aims and goals.

    • History of the Institute.

    • Achievements of the Institute.

    • Physical structure of Institute [ mapping ].

    • Structure of the personnel working.

    • Facilities created to achieve to the goals.

    • Working premises for 12 hours a day getting divided among the departments.

    • Working of individual dept.

    • Future perspectives.

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