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To teach is the best way to learn...and then only those should teach, who excel.

To attain perfection it is necessary to dedicate all your available time to the study of your particular area. However, it pays to take pains to reach out to the general public, on various occasions and at various levels so as to educate them as to the work done by the researcher. This enables the public to appreciate the work and hence value the same, as also it helps motivate young minds to plan a future career. Besides, you never know what ideas may a presentation stimulate in your head, through a discussion with a colleague or even with a novice.

Since 2003-04 we have been having different symposia / talks by teachers, students and invited speakers on variety of subjects. The objective of these symposia is to bring the latest developments in a certain field of knowledge to the teachers and students and thus widen their horizons. This in turn achieves greater creativity in the learning / teaching of the regular curricula as well as career guidance. The schedule of these symposia with a brief note on their content is given below. Any person, whether student or faculty wishes to give a talk on any subject which would enlighten the audience, ranging from 8th standard students to college-goers to parents and teachers, please contact the Director, to fix your schedule.

26-Nov-0812 pm - 2 pmMr. Kiran PurandareOrnithology
29-Nov-0812 pm - 2 pmMr. Yogesh BhaveTelephony - wired & wireless
3-Dec-0812 pm - 2 pmMr. Sachin SawantSymbolism
6-Dec-0812 pm - 2 pmProf. Ganesh TartareCommunication Through Visual Arts
7-Nov-098 am - 9:30 amMr. Sachin SawantAesthetics
19-Nov-118 am - 9:30 amMr. Pawan SinghSoftware Industry
26-Nov-118 am - 9:30 amMr. Sandesh BhatEmbedded Systems
10-Dec-118 am - 9:30 amMr. Parag DharmadhikariComputer Entrepreneurship
17-Dec-118 am - 9:30 amMr. Kiran ChapekarRobotics
31-Dec-118 am - 9:30 am  

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