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These are a variety of intense competitions that we organize for all our students from KG to XII. These are from diverse areas especially which are not studied under regular school subjects or are a different dimension of those which are taught. The purpose here is not only to give the students a sense of competition and achievement, but to bring out the latent talents in each one.

To this end, we painstakingly organize each event so that those who may have already learnt a particular skill professionally (say dance) do not get an unfair advantage over those who may have not. There is a dancer in all of us and we need to give him a chance to show up.

Each competition is unique in the sense that the rules and criteria are very different than similar competitions organized elsewhere. Each being designed to ensure that the child learns a lot of things along the way than merely demonstrate what he already knows.

Hence do go through the links on the left for the various competitions and try to enroll for as many of them as possible. This will go a long way in developing the student in every dimension of his/her personality.

Details of each event will be updated on these pages as they are finalized. The results will also be connected to event page (in the menu on the left).

For Enrollments students of Abhinav should click here and use their login, while students of other schools/colleges should send us an email.

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