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Staff and students of Abhinav can logon to Google Apps (read more) to access the services listed below. This is useful in a variety of ways

  • Students and staff can interact with each other using discussion groups and internal email, all of which are confidential and protected from ads and other distractions.
  • Everyone will know how to reach any other person in the organization quickly and effectively
  • Teachers can use videos, discussion groups, wave, etc. to teach or address problems online
  • Students can use groups for project work
  • Your email from other accounts can be imported into your account, which is a gmail account, so you get many privileges as well as lots of storage space and ease of use.
  • Teachers can work from home using docs.

Google Apps Services

  1. Gmail at our domain ( If you have an account on our local server (i.e. inside the school) such as 11Aw1 or pg19 or in your name, you can use this account and password to logon to your special Gmail account, which has the address -
  2. Google Calendar: Post your schedules for your team members (and everyone else) to see Or lookup the events or tasks listed on the calendar of others (teachers, clerks, departments)
  3. Google Docs: Store, create and exchange documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other stuff securely by choosing your viewers and allowing control to your docs.
  4. Google Sites: Create & manage your groups web site (its quite easy). Teachers can use this to create their own web site within (can be seen by anyone) for interacting with students, posting questions, quizzes, solutions, instructions, etc.
  5. Google Groups: Groups of staff (by department of event teams) or students (labs or projects) can interact securely with each other and discuss relevant issues. Students can ask doubts and receive answers from teachers, or even answer each others doubts.
  6. Google Video: Teachers can upload educational videos and presentations converted to avi or mpeg formats for students to view

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