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Teachers of Abhinav can create and manage their online exams from this page. First fill the form to create your assignment and then follow the instructions below to proceed further.

1. Fill the details in the form below. Make sure you know the correct Assignment Number and Paper Code. If there is a mistake in these details, you will receive a email with the error report, shortly after submitting the form. The assignment will not be created in this case.

Link to the Form to create online exams.

2. Wait a few minutes to check in your Google Drive root to see two new files created. i) the ".aqp" file named after the exam code - this is the form. ii) the file with same name as above with the addition of " - Answers" - this is the spreadsheet.

3. You should also receive an email with the above details if your creation was successful.

4. Now open form you just created to enter the questions and options. Do not modify any of the rules at the top or bottom of the form - such as "Require login" etc. Let them be as they are.

5. The number of questions of each type that you requested (i.e. SCQ, MCQ and Subjective) are created with question numbers - Q1. - and options with option numbers - a) . Take care not to overwrite of change these. This will cause the script which evaluates the exam, to malfunction.

6. Prepare the teachers copy of the answers (or marking scheme for subjective) by entering the same in the "Key" sheet of the spreadsheet. There is already a structure there with two columns "QNo" and "Ans" and the Q. Nos. Make sure you do not change or delete this structure but only add the answers in the "Ans" column. e.g. for SCQ: a;  for MCQ: bc Or acd. Do not put any characters between the alphabets denoting the correct options and put the alphabets in the correct sequence.

7. Once the form is filled with questions and the spreadsheet has the answer key, you are now ready to conduct the exam.

8. The exam form is "Not Accepting Responses" by default, as shown by the button on the top. The student will get this error report whenever they go to the link of the exam. To enable the exam, click on the button on your form (remember you have to be working in Edit mode for this; i.e. open the form from Drive or the link in your email and not the student's link) DO SO JUST FIVE MINUTES BEFORE THE TIME OF THE EXAM.

9. REMEMBER TO DISABLE THE EXAM AT THE SCHEDULED TIME by clicking on the button on your form, which now says "Accepting Responses". The button will now revert back to saying "Not Accepting Responses" and your exam is over.

10. Instructions for evaluating the answers will be given separately.

A) For the online exam to be a success you SHOULD HAVE MORE MCQ than SCQ.
B) Give 1 minute for each SCQ while 1.5 min for an MCQ. Also give 15 minutes extra to allow for PC crashes, power failures and internet connection problems.
C) You should add videos / images / web links (for more detailed info related to the question) to make the exam more challenging and interesting. You can add videos/images by inserting the same using the "ADD ITEM" button and then positioning the image/video before the relevant question. In the question you should refer to the video / image by asking the reader to "observe the above image / video and hence answer".

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