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Students can access their online exams by following the procedure below:

  1. Ask the school IT staff to create your (Google Apps) logon. This will give you an email ID like and a temporary password.
  2. To activate this login to Gmail using the link -  You have to change your password the first time. Now you can receive instructions and announcements from the school regarding exams and other issues on this email address.
  3. Now you must sync your mobile / tablet with Google. To do so -
    1. When logged into any Google service, at the right-top corner, you will see a matrix icon (for your apps). Click on this and then select the Calendar App.
    2. In Calendar click on the settings (gear) icon on the top-right then choose Mobile Setup. Now enter your phone number.
    3. To verify the phone no, you must click on - Send Verification Code. This will SMS a code to your mobile
    4. Once you enter that code into the Mobile-Setup page and say Verify, your phone is sync-ed with Google. You can now receive SMSes about events and exams from the school
  4. The link to the exam will be posted on a Google group (named after your standard). You can access all groups at or take the specific groups - Std X, Std XII. (These may not work well with Internet Explorer)
  5. You will see posts titled - "Exam Link: - type of exam - standard - subject". Click into the appropriate post and take the link to the exam given inside it.
  6. Once the exam page opens, confirm that the heading of the exam is correct, i.e. this is the exam you wish to give. Now enter your details like name, ID, number, etc accurately and then answer the questions.
  7. Submit the exam when you have filled all the answers
  8. The exam is time bound - so you can start it only at a certain time and you must submit it before the end time. These timings are noted in the group message, sms, email you get and also the exam paper.

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