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This department organizes the learning program for all the academic courses & subjects and ensures the teaching quality of the same. The organizing includes the arrangement and the use of teaching aids and activity based assessments. This department is also responsible for carrying out the SKLe, i.e. the Skill Based Learning program by enhancing teaching techniques to refine skills and also through quality control of assessments. It is however also responsible for preparing students for competitive exams as well as assisting students with learning difficulties through the regular exams.  For further details of the departments working lookup the policy. For a quick access to the various pages of this department, use the menu below.

Arranging LearningList of concepts taught, by subject and paper; Detailed Annual Teaching Plans (Standard-wise & Subject-wise); Quick look at the annual plan (All subjects for a standard) - JrKG, SrKG, Std I, Std II, Std III, Std IV, Std V, Std VI, Std VII, Std VIII, Std IX, Std X, Std XI, Std XII
Study MaterialInternet & Multimedia Resources for G0, G1, G2 & G3.
Assessment MorphologyAssessment Skills - Learning Dimensions - Processes - Abilities - Skills - Methods (Latest from local server, Stored PDF Version)
Assessment Schemas - No & Type of exams through the terms - Marks in each exam - Total marks per term or year (Latest from local server, Stored PDF Version)
Assessment Prototypes - Paper pattern & details of question types, sub questions & mark distribution per skill (Stored PDF Version)
Assessment TechnologyQuestion Paper Template; MathCAD settings in Question Papers & Marking Schemes to be applied to document after completing the insertion of all required equations
AIO Ans-sheet formats for 25 & 50 questions
Assessments WorkflowAssessment Master for creating and structuring assessments; Annual Calendar, Printing Score Sheets; Tracking assessments for work completion, approval, announcements, etc.; Online Exam Papers & Evaluation; Scores entry form; Result Key & Result generation for all classes; Assessment Report Card generation; Average Result & Result Analysis; Scores & Results Archives; Monitoring scores entry


  • Maintaining the following records (Click to expand)

    • Curriculum policy and chalked out curriculum

    • Annual plans and Lesson Plans (with teaching aids) of all academic subjects

    • Book-lists & concept lists

    • Academic details of various competitive exams – viz. curriculum, standard, study material, past papers, etc.

    • Training plans for competitive exams

    • Recording the performance and hence the required counseling / rewards for each student

    • Observations of the teaching methods / techniques of each teacher

    • Activity plans for various clubs / special achievers groups under this department

    • Data for publication of magazine, collected from various students and staff throughout the year

    • Teaching Plans

  • Interpretation of results

  • Defining the exact curriculum to be taught in various courses with the approval of the Jt. Dir.

  • Overseeing the preparation of the teaching and annual plans and the concept lists of various teaching units

  • Preparation of the book lists and monthly syllabus coverage to be given to parents / students

  • Informing the students about various competitive exams and encouraging enrollment

  • Arranging for and conducting training / mock-exam practice for the various competitive exams

  • Preparing a list of various awards / certificates to be given to (or already obtained by) the students

  • Monitoring students in various classes with learning disabilities and planning special sessions of counseling / training for them

  • Monitoring the teachers coverage of the syllabus monthly and observing the same by visiting the class (with the Director’s permission) and thereby guiding the teachers as to their lacunae

  • Checking the quality of the assessment plans on the basis of the pre-defined prototypes and designs

  • Guiding the teachers about the skills and their interpretations and hence their use in various assessments

  • Modifying the assessment prototypes (only if necessary) with the approval of the Director.

Method of Work

  • Annually check the concept-lists and annual plans around the month of April-June

  • Take weekly reports form teachers regarding portion coverage and teaching aid availability problems

  • Prepare the teaching plans for every month at the end of the previous month.

  • Take monthly reports regarding the coverage of online assessments such as AG’s

  • Ensure that the portion for the relevant exams is covered in time before the exam is announced to the parents / students

  • Check the papers set for AIH, AIS, W from time to time (read weekly)

  • Check the allocation of topics for AG and Pr assessments and the availability of the information and guidance for the same

  • Issue circulars to the students regarding the syllabus coverage and the assessment plans with the approval of the AO

  • Prepare the diary

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