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Each year in the month of April we conduct a workshop for students of secondary and higher secondary, to orient them to the following:

  • What is the learning process? How to overcome the individual weakness in the process? (We use our own research - the Skill-based Learning program)
  • What mode of learning is stronger or weaker - Visual, Aural, Read/Write or Kinesthetic? (We employ the VARK model)
  • What are their study habits? Which ones are suitable their mode of learning?
  • How to capitalize on their stronger modes of learning?
  • Hence, how to study effectively?
  • What are the IQ, EQ, Career indicator, Multiple Intelligences? How to use these with the mode of learning and strengths or weaknesses of the learning process, to decide the future course of study / career?

The participant - student or teacher - needs to know their learning modes and styles, which can be found by giving the tests below. Some of the materials used in the workshop are linked below. These materials have been designed partly by compiling internet resources and partly through the research of Prof. Kedar Soni.

  1. The case for learning for life (PowerPoint Show)
  2. What is effective learning? (PowerPoint Show)
  3. Know yourself - mode, style, ... (PowerPoint Show)
  4. Steps of study; what to emphasize based on your style; examples (Handout)

Find your Learning Style / Preferred Mode

The following tests are recommended to know the students learning mode and preferences, so that the teacher can tune the learning environment accordingly. (of course, it is easier said than done) The tests and the web sites of the people or organizations who have invented them are linked below. Please go to the forms linked and fill them up and submit them to us as directed in the forms, so that we can record and analyze them. (Please note that these questions are suited for Std 9 and above, while students of std 5 to 8 may attempt them under guidance from elders)

  1. The VARK Model - Every person has four learning modes - Visual, Aural, Reading/Writing & Kinesthetic. Sometimes one or more of these modes may be strong or weak. The teaching and study habits can therefore be customized. To find out your preferred mode, fill out this questionnaire.

  2. Felder & Soloman Learning Styles - Most college or high school students have some strong learning styles and some weak ones. Felder has classified these in different domains - Active Vs Reflective,  Sensory Vs Intuitive, Visual Vs Verbal and Sequential Vs Global. To find out your preferred style fill out this form. (It contains a link to the actual online questionnaire, the results of which you should submit to us in this form)

  3. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences - It is not appropriate to dub someone as intelligent and another as "not". There are many kinds of intelligences and every person may have some of them prominent and others not. The different dimensions to intelligence as per Gardner are - Naturalist, Rhythmic, Logical, Existential, Intrapersonal, Visual, Interpersonal, Kinesthetic & Linguistic. To find out your stronger and weaker dimensions, fill out this questionnaire.

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