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Here is some study material and promotional details of the some of the competitive exams - Science Olympiads, Macmillan-IAIS, Young Scientist, MTS, etc

Science Olympiads

There are various bodies organizing the Science Olympiads across the world and likewise there are many organizations in India who are involved. The nodal agency for most of the Olympiads is Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai. The Informatics Olympiads are managed directly by the Chennai Mathematical Institute, while Olympiads in Linguistics are not yet organized in India. Click here for a semi-official site which links up the organizers, the statutes, the rules & entry procedures, past events & other material for every Science Olympiad. You may like to see a presentation about the concept of Olympiads presented by Mr. Anand Ghaisas at HBCSE.

OlympiadSyllabus; Training Material; Problems & Papers
AstronomyX & XII CBSE Phy & Math for entry; Detailed Syllabus; Problems sets for practice are given below:
  1. Basics - Number Crunching; Time; Coordinate Systems

  2. Basic Physics - Kinematics; Dynamics; Rigid bodies; Circular Motion; Acoustics & SHM; Energy Conservation; Gravity & Orbital Mechanics; Thermodynamics; Electrostatics; Properties of Light & Modern Physics; Basic Electronics

  3. Observational - Constellations, Catalogs & Astrometry; Telescopes & optics; Non-Visual Wavelengths & Cosmic Rays; Spectrometry & Photometry; Nebulae; Galaxies & Quasars

  4. Solar System - Elements of the Solar System; Earth-Sun-Moon System; Orbital Phenomena; Planetary Chemistry & Geology; Exo-Planets

  5. Stellar Physics - Stellar Properties; Birth & Evolution; Novae & Supernovae; WD, NS, Pulsars, BH; Variables & Binary stars; Micro-Quasars

Papers - INAO_01-06; Some sample Problems

PhysicsXII CBSE Phy & Math for entry; IPhO Syllabus; Papers - Nat'l US97, CanadaNPhO_93-02; Int'l IPhO_67-02
ChemistryXII CBSE Chem for entry; IChO Syllabus; Papers - Nat'l NCHO_paper99; Int'l - IChO, Theory EXPERIMENT 1;
BiologyXII CBSE Bio for entry; Papers - Nat'l - NSEB:-2000, Test Paper; Int'l - IBO archives
MathXII CBSE Math + Hall & Knight for entry;
  1. Number Theory - Arithmetic of Integers; Inequalities; Elementary Graph Theory

  2. Geometry - Elementary Geometry; Trigonometry; Co-ordinate Geometry; Circles;

  3. Algebra - Factorization of Polynomials; Quadratic Equations; Systems of Linear Equations; Sequences, Finite Series and Complex Numbers

  4. Combinatorics - Permutations; Combinations; Probability

Papers - Int'l - APMO_89-93, IMO_60-99

InformaticsPart A is logic based & no syllabus, Part B (if you pass part A) requires programming in C / C++ / Pascal;
  1. Computation & Mathematical Logic - Problem Solving Techniques; Basic Algorithms; Factoring methods; Array Techniques; Merging, Sorting & Searching; Pattern Searching; Dynamic Data Structures; Recursive Algorithms

  2. Programming in C - Data Structures; Constructs; Programming Environment; Input/Output; Control Structures; Functions; Pointers; Arrays;

  3. Numerical methods - Non-linear equations; Optimization & Search; Sorting; Linear Algebra; Systems of Linear Equations; Least Squares Approximations; Elementary Calculus

Papers - Zonal - ZIO_A_02-05; Nat'l - NIO_02-04, NOI_sol_03, NOI_sol_04, NOI Sample; Int'l - IOI_02, IOI_03

LinguisticsMathematical linguistics is mostly math & cryptography; Papers - Int'l - ILO_03
PhilosophyIPO_Manual; Papers - Int'l - IPO_06
Earth Sc

Int'l Assessment of Indian Schools

This is a benchmark assessment by the Australian Newcastle University. It is a skill-based evaluation and thus is close to our mode of assessment. It is useful to get a comprehensive judgment of where the student stands on an international level. A detail diagnosis of the student is presented with the result. Some sample papers for all subjects - English, Math, Computer & Science are linked.

Young Scientists, MTS, ...

You may want to see this presentation about the 2005 YS Exam. The papers made when we used to train students for these exams are chiefly objectives in science, social science & math. They are good for a practice run.

Young Scientists, Maharashtra Talent Search

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