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National Geographic

The link will take you to image files for the various CD's containing different issues of Nat Geo Magazine for the last 110 years. It will open the relevant CD-image file using Daemon tools. Now click here to access this volume through the NGM viewer.

Windows on the Universe

It is an excellent, two part reference for almost all basic concepts in Astronomy aimed at educators, teachers & students from class V onwards. Click here to view CD.

World Book Encyclopedia

  Click here to view CD.

Software For Kids

Sr. No.Name of SoftwareTypeSubjectStd
11st Album


Painting & ColouringDrawingIst, IInd
2Animated TypingKeyboard TypingEnglishIIIrd , IVth
3Brain BuilderMathematics ProblemMathsIIIrd , IVth
4CrayonMusic, Maths, Painting, MapMusic, Maths, Drawing, GeographyIst to IVth
5DschoolSpelling, Maths 101 - by Drafty House Graphics Hangman by DHG(Eng), Sketch PadEnglish, Maths, DrawingIst, IInd
6FunpackCopy Cat, ScrambleEnglishIst
Kid Paint, Kid MatchDrawing, EnglishIst to IVth
Math InvadersMathsIst to IVth
7GigamathMath ProblemMathsIst to IVth
8Gumby ColourColouringDrawIst, IInd
9Mind Mapper Jr.Learning Classification with ChartsAll SubjectsIIIrd , IVth
10Pc- BlocksMaking structure of BuildingDrawingIst, IInd
113D Kid's DiceCounting NumbersMathsIst, IInd
12Blue GamesSink & FloatEnglishIst, IInd
13Crazy GravityCounting GravityScience & MathsIIIrd , IVth
14AtomsAtoms Symbols & EquationsScienceVIth, VIIth
15BraincelGenerate PuzzleGKVth, VIth
16KidwareTypewriter( Eng) word, Wizard(Eng)English & MathsIIIrd , IVth
Math Wizard(Maths),Numero(Maths)
Stone(Maths), Creating Charts through tableMathsVIIth, VIIIth
17TM GamesEnglish( Keyboard Typing)
18Dc CircuitsElectronic CircuitsScienceSecondary
193D CalculatorVector Calculation, Point, Line,MathsSecondary
Plane, Co- ordinate System, Matrices
20Equation GraplerPlotting a GraphGeometrySecondary
22KdKy 95Typing small & capital lettersEnglishIst, IInd
23MolstructMolecular Structure of the SubstanceScienceVIth, VIIth
24Solve Puzzle
25LogomationBasic ProgrammingComputerVth, VIth
26World Geo( Seterra)Geography(Find out the flags & location of the Capital or State on World Map.Geography

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