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This event is now merged with the Abhinav Stars and taken throughout the academic year. The pages below and those linked here will be archeived shortly.

Please see the Abhinav Stars site for details of the events.



The Talent Show which happens every year in the middle of the first term, is a welcome break from academics, with the exams season coming up in a month. More than a thousand of our students participate in about eleven different competitions tuned to the different age groups, from different fields of art & culture. Also the senior students (std. X & XII) act as facilitators to help run the show and also to guide the participants and rate their skills. Overall its a show Of the Students, For the Students & By the Students ...

The nature of the competition and the rounds therein are detailed out in the circulars issued (look here for the circular on the recent event). Alternatively you may look at the web pages for each event. (Linked in the bar on the left) The schedule is given below.

The students are given tasks according to their age and then are rated on a uniform scale in each learning group - G0, G1, G2 & G3. In the final round, from each sub group of two academic years (example V & VI is G2a while VII & VIII is G2b) a topper is chosen based on whom the others are given a percentile rating. The top 3 ranks thus arrived at (which may include about 5 students) provided they are within 10 percentile of the topper then receive the Excellence awards, while the toppers get the Abhinav Star (A badge they can wear as a tie pin up to the next Talent Show)

This line is hidden The results of the recent show are listed here - G0, G1, G2. G3. Please also see the photographs taken during the show or the awards function.



  • Certain competitions are made compulsory to all students in the learning group, so as to better manage the logistics as also to encourage development in basic skills.

    • Compulsory for all G0 Painter, Linguist, Craftsman

    • Compulsory for all G1 Painter, Linguist, Craftsman, Wizard

    • Compulsory for all G2 Painter, Linguist, Craftsman, Wizard

  • Events will be taken during school hours, unless the second rounds of G3 students require more time. In this case those select senior students will be informed about the special timing.


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