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Stimulus 2016

Global Understanding

This document is a topical index of projects for Stimulus 2016 - The Annual Festival of Learning of Abhinav Vidyalay & Jr. College, Dombivli, India. It contains topics outlined by areas which can be taken by a group of about 6-10 students for working on, for a period of about 30 hours. There are topical links to the relatively easy references on the net and also there are certain links in general for most topics and for beginners at the bottom of the page.

Each topic should cover the following aspects with approximately the given weights: (Guideline for students of std IX and XI of Abhinav)

20% - History of the discoveries and discoverers (only prominent ones); 50% - Structure: Concepts, ideas, examples, classification, equations (if simple) which give an overview of the subject (choose only the most important ideas and their connections);  30% - Experiment / Demo Brief outline and data / pictures / diagrams required to explain the experiments you will perform to explain the concepts in this area of science.

The discussion group for all project-groups and mentors & coordinators to meet is our Facebook event Stimulus. Make sure that your discussions are meaningful and decent at all times.

Links common to most topics (Also for advanced study)

  1. The Facebook group  - Stimulus - for discussions and ideating

  2. The UNESCO site for the International Year of Global Understanding

  3. Facebook page for IYGU

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