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Student exhibitions serve a two-fold purpose. On one hand they help to bring a deep concept in its entirety to the audience. On the other, the student who presents a particular topic not only excels in understanding it but also learns, in a practical way, to think about a certain concept from all its perspectives. Hence we organize a thematic exhibition each year, taking pains to ensure that each project connects to the other seamlessly, bringing a complete concept to the visiting audience. The exhibition is open to public, with no entry fees. The students should enroll as a team although it is not hard & fast. Usually a team of 3 to 4 is good, since students can take shifts with 2 in each shift so as not to strain themselves.

Scroll below for details of various rounds

Facts  -     (Std 1 To 4)

31 Dec, 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Exhibit should contain a model / experiment demonstrating certain facts realted to the theme of Stimulus. The demo should not take longer than a couple of minutes. Poster is useful to explain the facts about the idea being shown.
As these students may not be able to form groups singles are allowed, but groups of 2-4 are prefrred. Since the student would have to explain his demos to a flow of visitors for more tham 2-3 hours, parents can stay with the child to assist. However, while judging, the parents are required to leave the child alone. The best two demos will get an award.

Concepts  -     (Std 5 To 8)

31 Dec, 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
A concept related to the theme of Stimulus shold be explained with up to three different demos or experiments connected to the concept. A poster to the effect is necessary. The concept should be related to the theme of Stimulus.
Groups of 3-4 are needed, although singles are also allowed. The team has to explain the idea for about 4-5 hours to incoming visitors. There will be an award for the best two teams

Projects  -     (Std 9 To 12)

31 Dec, 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Exhibit should be relevant to the theme of Stimulus. It should contain at least one poster (mount-board size) along with models, presentations or demonstrations. Experts in various aspects of the theme will observe the teams presentation of topic, posters, computer presentations or other demonstrations as given to the visiting public. Experts may also question the team on different aspects of their exhibit. Participants must inform about any requirements other than a table (3' x 2') and wall space for one poster. Best team will get certificates and prizes.

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