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Colorful Imagination
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A Painter expresses his thoughts & emotions on a canvas and in doing so must have mastered the art of observing fine details of people, scenery, objects etc. and the techniques of showing these with color. Sometimes the painter may need to paint by memory, while sometimes he/she needs to accurately show some reality. Thus the subject of the painting may be completely abstract & unreal as also accurately real-life. Use of brush strokes, neatness, sense of color and color schemes, sense of proportion, etc need to be developed. The student must bring his/her own coloring & drawing material, while the paper will be provided. Students of G0 & G1 must use wax crayons or oil pastels, only.

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G0  -  Color-It   (Std NuKG To SrKG)

12 Sep, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Paint a given picture with crayons or color-pencils, as neatly as possible, using appropriate colors.

These criteria will be used:
Neatness/Cleanliness (outline) (3); Choice of color (3); variations in color (3); Completion (3)

G1  -  Paint the Scene   (Std I To IV)

12 Sep, 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM
Neatly paint the given scenary with appropriate colors, using wax crayons or oil pastels or color pencils.

These criteria will be used:
Neatness (outline) (3); Sense of coloring (3); Completion (3); Detail (3);

G2-1  -  Complete-Then-Paint   (Std V To VIII)

12 Sep, 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM
Complete the free hand drawing given and then paint neatly with appropriate colors. Students should use poster colors; crayons or color pencils may be used to give effects. Students should bring a regular exam pad.

These criteria will be used:
Accuracy of outlines (3); Application of color & cleanliness of paper (3); Composition, color scheme & repeitition of colors (3); Creative use of colors & textures (3);

G3-1  -  Abstract Painting   (Std IX To XII)

12 Sep, 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM
Students are given an abstract topic on the spot and are to draw and paint based on it. Students may use any type of colors or pens or pencils.

These criteria will be used:
Detail (3); Stroke (3); Divergence (3); Compose (layout, proportion, distance) (3)

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