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At the simplest level a Musician plays one or more musical instruments, with or without complete classical training. At a higher level, he/she can even compose music or change the beat or rhythm of a given composition. Displaying variety in playing instruments and an innate understanding of rythem, speed, timing, notes, etc. apart from the ease of playing the instrument, is what matters. An harmonium, a 'tabla' set and a casio would be provided. Students should arrange for other instruments if they need. The student may choose to play any composition in any style of his choice for the first rounds. At a later stage the G3 student must demonstrate ability to catch the notes of a new composition he/she is given to listen to, and play a small part of the same. No background support to the chosen instrument will be allowed. This includes the recorded beats and tunes on electronic synthesizers. The student must play the plain notes only.

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G1  -  Play Something   (Std 1 To 4)

08 Sep, 07:30 AM to 09:30 AM
Play some music of your choice on any musical instrument.

G2  -  Different Tune   (Std 5 To 8)

08 Sep, 08:10 AM to 10:30 AM
Play some music on a musical instrument of your choice. However, the piece played should be different in genre from the one played earlier, i.e. if the music played in the first round was western classical, then the second round should be indian classical or indian/western folk, etc.

G3  -  Catch-A-Tune   (Std 9 To 12)

08 Sep, 08:10 AM to 10:30 AM
An unheard tune/piece based on the instrument you play will be played to you 3 times. You have to then prepare for about 10 minutes and play at least a stanza.

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