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A Linguist is good at many languages and understands their intricacies such as grammar, figures of speech, ornamentation or dialects. He also has a good ear for spoken words and can grasp the significant parts of a conversation. He is able to read articles and compactify them using rich and precise language. He is also able to organize and express his thoughts elaborately through an essay.
A variety of skills that language training develops over the school years and beyond, can be tested in talented students at an earlier age. Many a times a student may not know the grammar involved but through listening or reading may be aware of what is 'proper' in the language. English, Hindi & Marathi will be the languages used.

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G0  -  Converse with Teacher   (Std -2 To 0)

04 Sep, 09:50 AM to 10:50 AM
Teacher quizzes about a topic aurally, and student repsponds. Converstaion goes on for about 3 min. Student recites one of the four given poems (by his/her choice) from memory. The poems would be of 8 lines with a good rhyming scheme, however unknown to the child, before the competition.

G1  -  Listening & Vocabulary   (Std 1 To 4)

04 Sep, 09:05 AM to 11:05 AM
Listening Comprehension - Teacher reads a poem and students answer objective questions based on it
Vocabulary - Student is asked to spell increasingly difficult words or to find words associated with each other.
Student recites one of the four given poems (by his/her choice) from memory. The poems would be of 12 lines with a good rhyming scheme for G1a (while a poor rhyming scheme for G1b), however unknown to the child, before the competition.

G2-1  -  Listening, Vocabulary & Story-Writing   (Std 5 To 8)

04 Sep, 11:30 AM to 01:30 PM
Listening - A small speech in Indian accent is to be heard and questions based on it are to be answered
Vocabulary - Word register, i.e. Start with a given word and construct as many words as possible with each word beginning with the ending letter of the previous one and all words based on a given theme.
Story-writing - Write a short story based on the given outline, using as many of the given phrases and idioms as possible
Script-Reading with effect: A group of students is given a 1-2 page script with about 5-6 dialogs each and about 15m to prepare/rehearse and then present with proper intonation, voice modulation, good pronunciation and clarity of speech. Gestures are not important. The students will then be asked to explain the character / situation.

G2-2  -     (Std 5 To 8)

10 Sep, 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM

G3-1  -  Paraphrase, Summarize & Describe   (Std 9 To 12)

04 Sep, 11:30 AM to 01:30 PM
Paraphrase the given poem. Summarize the given passage. Observe a media clip and describe the situation / person.

G3-2  -     (Std 9 To 12)

10 Sep, 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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