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A journalist reports without bias the events happening around. Journalism can create awareness of events / concepts / cultures or enlighten people about new ideas or expose a certain misdoing and empower the people to make the world a safer & better place. Thus the journalist has to study the facts, talk to various groups of people involved in the event and also read between the lines to catch any hidden implications.
There are two stages: News-Of-The-Day and What-Do-You-Think. Language used can be English, Marathi or Hindi. Students get a few days to complete each round. Results should be submitted via email / post / in-person. Those selected in Stage 1, will be called for guidance at our premises before they begin the final round. The topper gets the Abhinav Star medal, while the top 10 percentile get a certificate and a prize.

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G2 - News-Of-The-Day  -     (Std 5 To 8)

31 Aug, 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM
The student should lookout for news in his/her own locality and after deciding on the most interesting ones send us a report of the incidents by e-mailing it to events@abhinav.ac.in. You need to send us one article of events which occur in the days for which the competition is open. If you cant mail, then send us your hand-writ copy of all articles on the last day.
The report must be detailed & coherent with a good command over language and should contain contact details (phone, address, email) & school details. About 20% of those participating will be taken to stage 2.
Link for instructions / assignment / email address

G3 - Unhide the Truth?  -     (Std 9 To 12)

31 Aug, 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Here the student is supposed to write an article on some current news (or person) after thoroughly investigating all sides of the story (or aspects of personality). The student is supposed to analyse every angle and then present his/her opinion. The subject of the article will be given during the guidance session for the finalists. It should be organized within 1000 words & submitted on or before the due date. Top 10% will get the prize & certificate, and the topper gets the Abhinav Star.
Link for instructions / assignment / email address

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