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Astronomy Olympiad

Problems on Kinematics

Equations of motion for a body moving with uniform acceleration:-


Galilean Kinematics:-



Missing quantity



x0 = initial position

x = position of body

v0 = initial velocity of the body

a = acceleration of particle

t = time elapsed

Projectile motion:-

Q1)                        Look at the following graph. It shows a space craft moving in space. What can you tell about the velocity of the space craft?

Q2)                        A car starts from rest and travels for 10 min. The final velocity of the car is 10 km/hr. What is the distance traveled?


Q3)                        Standing on the surface of Jupiter a person throws a ball straight upwards. The initial velocity of the ball is 20m/s. Given the acceleration due to gravity on Jupiter is 2.34 times that of earth. What is the maximum height attained by the ball?


Q4)                        A rock is dropped form a 100m high cliff. How long does it take to fall

a.       The first 50m.

b.      The second 50m.


Q5)                        The Zero Gravity Research Facility at NASA Lewis Center includes 145m drop tower. This is am evacuated vertical tower through which, among other possibilities a 1m diameter sphere containing an experimental package ca be dropped.

a.       How long is the sphere in the free fall?

b.      What is its speed just as it reaches a catching device at the bottom of the tower?

c.       When caught, the sphere experiences an average deceleration of 25g as its speed reaches to zero. Through what distance does it travel during the deceleration.


Q6)                        A model rocket is fired vertically and ascends with constant vertical acceleration 4m/s2 for 6 second. Its fuel is then exhausted and it continues a free fall particle. 

a.       What is the maximum altitude reached?

b.      What is the total time elapsed from take off until the rocket strikes the earth?


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